Thursday, October 13, 2011

Starting to Say Goodbye

A few years back, I did not expect that I will stay in Oman for more than a year. In the year 2005, I was the ONLY and the FIRST Filipino Lecturer in Musanaah College of Technology. All staff members are either coming from Jordan, Iraq and most of all India which dominates the lecturers population. After more than a year in that College, they terminated me because of politics. I was accepted in Shinas College of Technology because of Dr. Nasser who believed in my capabilities. And I never let him down. More than 5 years until now, I am still in Shinas and being one of the most respected staff member of the College. Big responsibilties were given to me and some of them i turned down in order to avoid more headaches....

As July 2012 is fast approaching, I wonder what would be my life when I will settle in Canada. Will I be missing Oman? Will I be missing my friends here? What I will miss most in this country is the serenity and beauty of its sorroundings. Peace. Jogging. 50 degress celcius of temperature. Fish market. Quezon Avenue. Dubai Travels. Quiapo. Fairview. Al Ghaseel. Hyundai Tucson. Al Anhar Internet Cafe. Carrefoure.  Safeer Mall. To name just a few.

Nine months from now... Step by step. Inshallah...

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  1. Not knowing what the future will and can bring makes life an exciting adventure. I am sure that wherever you will be.....great things await! ALL THE BEST MY FRIEND!