Monday, October 24, 2011


Tomorrow Tuesday and Wednesday will be holiday ONLY for students at Shinas College of Technology. All staff members must report for work as usual... This is the second graduation and might be my last to attend to before I leave Oman. Two days without students in the College will be good for us because we can do our work like in QA, prepare quizzes and forthcoming midterm examination, to conduct meeting and plans for the Committee which I am heading, to mark all quiz papers so that students will not come to the office and ask for their marks even the exam was just an hour ago. When I returned the first quiz to my class in Computer Programming, the average mark of the students were 4 out of 10. The quiz was very easy, but I found out that they could not understand the question. WHY? Because it was written in English. The students are fond of memorizing the handout and when it comes to situational questions, they could not relate anymore. Sometimes the students make a guess with their answers. Anyway, so two days without students. What the heck... We still have to go to the College.

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