Monday, October 31, 2011

Body Search

Have you ever been subjected to a body search by an airport security? My flight from Wisconsin to Chicago was at 10:10 am October 30, 2011. I was the last one to check-in together with Gas and Lest the Brazilian host parents of my new sister-in-law. When it was my turn, I removed my laptop from my knapsack and put it on a tray. Then I removed my shoes and took another tray. I also removed my jacket although I was chilling a bit and put it on a tray as well. I handled by boarding pass together with my passport to the ATS (Airline Transport Security) Officer. As the x-ray converyor scanned my things, I went through the entrance metal detector as everybody does. As I passed through it, there was no alarm at first but after 2 seconds, the alarm sounded. As I try to wonder what metal do I have in my body, a lady security officer told me, "Sir, you were chosen for a random security check and please step back." They asked me to enter to another door and one gentleman officer explained to me the routine on how he would check on my body. He asked me if there are any sensitive parts on my body and I said none. He also asked me if I prefer to be searched in private and I said I have no problem anywhere. Before he started, he explained to me how he would run his hands on my body. The routine was thorough and very instense. Although I have nothing to hide or to be afraid of, but since it is my first time to be subjected to such, I felt a little bit nervous. I have doubts. What if they will plant something on my bag? What if they will put some drugs on my body? Just like in the movies. Well, they found nothing except my BODY SHOP lotion. It was still full and I forgot to put it on my check-in luggage. It cost me OMR12 for that lotion. Well, what can I do? I can not insist to them to take it with me because they said it is beyond the limited amount. Rather than being detained just for the lotion, I went ahead. People were staring at me but I was not ashamed. I am even proud because out of all those passengers, I was chosen.  In fact, I admire the US Security Officers and I salute them for doing an excellent job. For what ever reason they have they have chosen me for security search, I never mind at all because I have not done anything wrong. In fact, I should be thankful for them because they are really doing a great job and it was really a nice experience. No hassle at all.

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