Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Still Longing

My work as a Teacher in Oman ended last July 13, 2012. It has been seven fruitful years and perhaps one of the most enjoyable chapters of my life. Being a teacher in Oman is not easy at the beginning. It was a challenge for me to teach students whose level of English can be classified as intermediate or even lower. But it was always fun to teach Omani students. I embraced the culture and I learned reading and writing Arabic language and I have high respect for my students. My students were hard working (although sometimes they copied their assignments from one another) and most of my students were respectful. As my students knew that I have a Filipino background, they tried to disrespect at the beginning but when classes started and I taught them the course on a fast pace and give then challenging exercises, they knew then that Filipino teachers can be respected.

There were challenges I faced in my first job but I had proven to my detractors that I was better than them. I became a Section Head of Computer Section and after that I was the Department Registrar for three years before I left. I was given an Outstanding Teacher Award and all I can say is that in spite of my credibility of giving challenges to students yet, I was still appreciated by them. I became their adviser, helper, brother, counsellor, and even career adviser. As a teacher, I listened to their own personal problems. I even cried in front of the class showing my emotions when three of my students died in a car accident. I was invited to sit down with their parents and attended weddings of their brothers or sisters (although we cannot see the ladies). I travelled some parts of Oman and I have seen beautiful and magnificent places. I jogged and biked in the Corniche of Sohar and volunteered in the 2010 Asian Beach Games in Muscat. I owned a car and have my own apartment but later on I shared it with three other teachers.

I will and never will forget my stay in Oman. It was a wonderful place and I hope someday I will come back and teach Omani students again.