Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Journey to the South - First Day

Early morning of Monday, exatly 9:00 AM was our flight from Manila to Davao via Philippine Airlines. It was so tiring because I have slept for two hours only. Why? Excited. Curious. After almost two hours of flight, we reached Davao and immediately after we took our luggage, we saw Ate Alma with her husband Kuya Henry. Wow we thought Kuya Henry was his brother... Hehehehe We went straight to Ate Alma's house we eat our lunch then headed to Ate Alma's resort. It took us almost one hour or more to reach the place. And when we arrive there.... WOW as in WOW talaga... May sariling swimming pool si Ate Alma with runnning water without chlorine... The water is so cold and just acouple of minutes I immediately dived to the pool. Wow too much refreshing... Ang sarap ng feeling na maglublob sa malamig na tubig. Parang therapeutic ang spring water. Over flowing the pool. Aside from swimming pool, Ate Alma's resort also has a billiard table, a karaoke bar, a palaisdaan, a mini zoo with turtles, python and an indian turkey. Our dinner was fantastic and we the slept almost 12 midnight. We had a very good night sleep waking 6 in the morning. Roni was the first one to wake up and took a bath. I wanted to dip again in the pool but I can not take the cold water. Instead just took a shower and eat our breakfast. Hotdog, danggit, itlog na maalat with kamatis and a hot coffee was so delighted. We left Ate Alma's resort at 9:30 in the morning headed straight to Eden Resort. But when we reach the place it was raining. We waited for an hour but the rain did not stopped. Instead we went to SM Davao, eat our lunch and bought some toiletries. We went then to fruit market and bought suha. Me and Richard shipped 5 kilos of suha to Manila. We then headed to People's Park and took some pictures. People, children, lovers, families, flowers. In the evening, we eat our dinner at Jack's Ridge overlooking a night lighted city of Davao. Tomorrow, we are heading to Cagayan de Oro.

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