Monday, December 5, 2011

Midterm Rexamination Again

The midterm examination is over and Lecturers are now preparing for the Final Exam. There were students who were absent during the midterm for some reasons which is common to everyone. Sick... Clash with other subject in the exam... etc... This is normal... But what is not normal is that there may be hundreds of students who have excuses of not taking the midterm exam. Does the College have data base for these students? It seems that the same students are doing this every semester. What does the College do in order to avoid these abesences? I may asked these questions over and over again but who will care? Who suffers a lot everytime this happens? THE LECTURER!!!!!!!!!! Why? Simply because lecturers were tasked to make another set of exams. Is it easy to make examination paper? Hell NO!!!!!!!! I can not complain now because there is no meeting for this... I met the Dean just this afternoon but I forgot to tell him regarding this matter. It is quite hard to catch the Dean for he is busy most of the time. Any suggestions?

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