Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Will Tell the Dean

This is the current scenario in one of the Colleges of Technology here in the Sultanate of Oman...

Scence No. 1
Student: Teacher, I want to repeat the quiz because I did not have good answers.
Teacher: I am sorry my student I dont repeat quizzes if your marks are low.
Student: Sure Mr? I will tell the Dean.
Teacher: Ok Ok Ok... When do you want to take the quiz? 

Scene No. 2
Teacher: Good morning class. Today we will have quiz.
Students: No Mister!!!!!!(Shouting) We did not study!!!!!
Teacher: I told you last meeting that we will have quiz on this day!!!!
Student: I did not study last night Mr. 
Teacher: Well then it is not my fault!
Student: Ok. Can I go now? I will go to the Dean!?!?!
Teacher: Ok Ok Ok When do you want the quiz?

These are few of the situations currentl and ongoing in the College. Students have power to remove Teachers, Head of Departments (Even an Omani Head of Department). The commulative grade point average to go to Diploma level from Certificate level have been lowered from 2.25 to 2.0. Students who have been dismissed from the College due to probation can go back and study again. Quality of teaching? Quality of learning? Quality Assurance? ($&%&#^$%&$^_@*$&#) Censored. No freedom of speech. Be silent. Think about your project in your country. As long as we are earning the currency, just swallow your pride. Just be close to students as what our new Head of Department told us. Give everything what they want. No questions asked. In other words, BE A SLAVE...

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