Sunday, March 6, 2011


There is an ongoing rumor that there will be a swap of deanship between Shinas and Musannah... If this is true what do you think of the outcome? Will it be good? Will it be beneficial to all concerned? Will it create a fair atmosphere among the stakeholders? (What's this, QA?) The power of the people. (I mean students) In one country in South East Asia, this power of the people revolutionized 25 years ago. What ever is the outcome of this rumor, I hope that it will build goodwill and friendship in the community. Are these the four way test? But I can not recall the other test... Celebrating? Not yet. Wait until the rumor becomes true. How fast the news flies... Wonderful. Exuberant.This is a rumor. It might not be true. Do not tell anyone. Keep it to yourself. No source of information. Just be silent. But why the letters are written in BOLD?

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