Friday, October 8, 2010

New Dean and Administrators

For a while we were anxious during our first day of reporting to the college for the fact that there will be changes in the College Administrators. We have a new Dean who came from Ibra College of Technology. His name is Dr. Qasim. We also have a new Asst. Dean for Academic Affairs and his name is Dr. Ali. We also have a new Asst. Dean for Administration and I am sorry to say that up to now I was not able to meet him personally and know his name. It has been three weeks but until now most of the College personnel have not met these Administrators and were not formally introduced to all the staff in the College. I may not be an administrator but I guess it is only proper to introduce themselves so that when we meet them at least we can greet them and say some words to them. On the other hand, classes have started already and last Wednesday there was no electricity in the College. It is really ironic that people who wanted to do some work in the college are not doing it either after classes or during the weekend. They do not  mind if there are no electricity in the college and ask to continue to hold classes in spite of sweating inside a dark caravan or workshop. As a Lecturer, what we can do is to follow these instructions otherwise we might be reprimanded and it might cause termination of our services. What about students? I have normally an average of 27 students per class. This is common to all classes in the entire college. We have sometimes teaching more than 20 hours where according to the Ministry of Manpower By-Laws should take a maximum of 18 hours. We have other tasks assigned to us, like Quality Assurance, Student Advisory which reaches up to 60 students, preparing lessons, marking quizzes and examinations, student project and other tasks assigned by our Head of Department. The salary of the teachers are not equal, where the English Lecturers receives more salary than the specialization Lecturers, Bahwan Staff members likewise receives more salary than their counterparts, Globnet decreased the salary of their employees saying, TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT and is not open for negotiations for the salary and the only agency that holds the passports of their employees, CECNE paid only half of the September month salary of the Lecturers but upon complaining to the Ministry on this matter, reversed their decision and paid the other half month salary of the Teachers. There are no standard level of salary, evaluation, increment of salary from among these agencies but rather making rules on their own and staff should obey otherwise if they are not satisfied, they can leave. AUTHORITATIVE... Another requirement of the Ministry is that only the so called "NATIVE SPEAKERS" can teach English Language. In my opinion, there are teachers from the land of the so called "native speakers" who are indeed very very good in the language. But when it comes to work like teaching the students on technical writing and technical communication, the so called native speakers can not even write one whole paragraph. Their grammars are not correct, the punctuations and the words used do not coincide with the thought of the subject. I may not be a native speaker of the english language but I can do better than them. (This is my own opinion.) So please better change this concept of hiring native speakers but rather hire the real "TEACHERS" who knows english whether it is by listening, reading, and most of all WRITING.

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