Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting To Know My Omani Students

The first day of my class in Computer Programming was setting rules in the lab. Students were very attentive, curious and might be asking themselves "What would be my mark from this teacher?" or "Shall I pass in this class?". Questions like these are very common for all my students. Either in certificate or diploma level.  Upon giving them lectures on Introduction to C Language, there lies ahead the usual problem. "Please repeat teacher". "I don't understand teacher." "Can you give another example Mr.?" I taught my students how to fixed errors after compiling their program. The very first error we encountered was "Unable to create output file "noname.obj". To fixed this error I simply told them "Save your file. Every time you have this error just SAVE YOUR FILE". Second exercise, I let them write their own program. ALT + F9. Error. Unable to create output file. "Teacher!!!!" shout one student. "I HAVE ERROR". I asked, "What is your error?". The student replied, "I DONT KNOW MISTER!!!!!!!!!". I tried to compose myself, keeping my cool, spending my INFINITE PATIENCE... "Shabab, do you know how to read? If you have error in your program what will I do with your error? I will drink or eat your error?" "NO MISTER.... But i can not run my program because I have error." I asked, "What does the message says?". "Mister it says here - UNABLE TO CREATE OUTPUT FILE" ... I wanted to crushed the computer but instead I just smiled. Typical Filipino teacher doesn't get easily irritated by students inattentive behavior in the class. As a Vincentian Teacher, it is great that I have this virtue in my life. It was just one example on how I deal with my students. It might be the same experience for another Filipino teacher in different colleges of technology here in Oman. Lucky for me, my students have tolerable behavior. Are they afraid of me? I don't think so. I earned their respect as I am teaching them not only professional skills but as well as personal skills. One rule that I gave to them is put in their heart and mind the GOLDEN RULE... "Learn to say.... THANK YOU.... PLEASE.... and EXCUSE ME"... Until now, they do...


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  3. can u describe specifically the behavior of a typical Omani student? thanks... i need this info
    in deciding whether i will push through with my application in Oman... again thank u in advance =)