Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who needs a "Thank you"?

Most of Filipino teachers in Shinas College of Technology, are having too much task aside from being a teacher. My main responsibility is to teach, and that is according to the By-Laws of the Ministry of Manpower. But the last duty and responsibility stated was "Any other task assigned by the Head of the Department"... A BIG DEAL. Can not say NO. In my more than 6 years of staying in Oman, did I ever heard of someone from my superiors "Job well done", "Good job", "Keep up the good work"... One time I was so dead tired of writing a report almost no sleep because we have to meet the deadline, the Dean of our College back then was an Iraqi. I was part of domain number two in QA and the Dean asked for the report of the Engineering. When he asked regarding tables and representations and description and summary of the report, a female teacher went to him to direct him where the dean can find what he was looking for in our report. After the Dean was satisfied of our report he made a comment "She is good" and that instant she was made the "Employee of the Month" even she did nothing on the report. But I never complained because God knows it was my work. I was assigned to formulate the schedule of the engineering department for both teachers and students for almost 4 years now. In my experience, no one ever told me "Hey you have done a great job". Instead, what I heard from my new HOD is that the Assistant Dean was not happy because of wrong projection of sections. we have 36 courses total from certificate, diploma and higher diploma levels. Out of this 36 courses, only 3 has courses have unbalanced registered students. The Assistant Dean concluded that I had a wrong projection. Three out of 36 is wrong projection. Did he ever say "Thank you for doing a great job". NEVER!!!!!!!!! Instead you made a mistake of making incorrect projection.

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